Upcoming shows and events March 2012

PONY UP présente le SALOMON LIVE PAINTING (2ème édition).

Pendant 3jours lors de l'évennement Poney Session (Compétition de snowboard Européenne) a St Lary, le collectif Jeanspezial ( Nicolas Barrome, Jean-Michel Ouvry, Sébastien Touache ) et les artistes Odö, Steven Burke et BIZMUT viendront customiser 6 planches de snowboard: acrylique, aquarelle, poska, crayon, spray, encre...tout est permis!

Une vente aux enchères sur internet sera par la suite organisée par Fluofun, et l'ensemble des ventes récoltées sera reversé à l'association "un maillot pour la vie" :http://www.unmaillotpourlavie.com/

"The wonderful is always beautiful, in fact only the wonderful is beautiful"
(the "Manifest du Surrealism", Andre Breton 1924).

From March 17th to April 28th
MondoPOP presents “Atelier Popsurréaliste” a closer look on French Popsurréaliste imagery.

Curated by David Vecchiato and Serana Melandri

There is much talk about Surrealism. After the explosion of the new Californian art labeled “Lowbrow" by the artist Robert Williams and later "Pop Surrealism" by the critic Kirsten Andersonthe references to irrational issues in the New Contemporary Art from around the world are constantly increasing.The French Surrealism of Breton is therefore emerged in the production of new generations of artists since the image culture has produced a sort of collective unconscious that draws from all over the world in producing figurative images, not so complex to be interpreted and easily shared.And it is the sharing, by the web, which makes these new imaginaries, as well as widespread, so globalized that the challenge become to identify the country of origin of the artists who produced them.

MondoPOP accepts this challenge, laying a careful look at contemporary productions to the Urban or Pop Surrealist Art created in the Homeland of Surrealism: France.

Twelve of the most promising French artists from the Low Brow Art, Urban Art and Pop Surrealism show two pieces each to the Italian public.
Twelve points of view that will make access to their workshops to explain the new art from France.

MondoPOP’s “street room” becomes a Popsurréaliste Atelier that with the coming of the Spring opens to visitors.

Enjoy it.


With the art of:

100Taur, Benjaminjj, Bunka, Ciou, David "craiion" Monteiro, Fräneck, Lostfish, Malojo, Niark, Odö, Veks, Zelda Bomba.



Sabato 17 Marzo H 19.00

@MONDOPOP gallery

Via dei Greci 30

Beach Gallery + Kids Love Ink, 20-14 Cheshire Street, E2 6EH, London.

Supported by DC, the 4th edition of Burning Ink will take place in London to the Beach Gallery in collaboration with Kids Love Ink from the 13th to the 31th of march.

Opening evening on the 15th of march.

The concept is as radical and unique as before: all the handmade drawings – more than 20 – designed by selected artists will be burnt at the end of the show. A very different concept to an ordinary art show, no one can go home with the art in its hands. The only way for the drawings to survive the flames is to be bought and inked into the buyers’ skin, making each design a unique tattoo by the very talented Charlie Shazer in his tattoo parlor Kids Love Ink.

Artists from all over the world : United Kingdom, United-States, France, Mexico, Russia, Singapore and Czech Republic.

Selected artists are Clyde Barrow (UK), Seth Curtis (UK), Fos (UK), French (UK), Funkfu (Czech Rep), Jef & Kostek @La Boucherie Moderne (Belgium/Berlin), Ilk (France), Jeykill (France), Marke Newton (UK/Paris), Odö (France), Osmoze (France/Montreal), Prunelle (France), SBTG (Singapore), Scien+Klor & Dean @123klan (France/Montreal), Charlie Shazer (UK), Ssur (Russia/USA), Spoe (France), Superdeux (France/San Francisco), Timothée Talard (France), Simon True (UK), Chloe Trujillo (L.A.), Xghetto666 (Mexico), and more…

Curated by Erwann Lameignère.


Strychnin Gallery and The New English, in cooperation with Gallery Geuer&Breckner, UF6
and Italian curator Giovanni Cervi, proudly present Herzensbrecher, a charity
group show in favor of Ein Herz für Kinder.

For this exhibition over 50 internationally renowned artists have put their visions, styles
and ideas onto hearts manufactured by the British porcelain innovators of The New

These one of a kind artworks will be displayed in a traveling exhibition, which will kick off
at Strychnin Gallery Berlin on March 16th.
The Berlin exhibition will run until April 8th.

The list of participating artists involves:

Artists Anonymous, David Hochbaum, Mimi S., Seymour, Sophie Bastien, Daniel Van Nes, Raf Veulemans, Bethany Marchman, Elmer Presslee, Lisa Mei Lin Fong, Skeleton Heart, Miraschi, Francois Escalmel, Saturno Butto, Marcus Poston, Christian Rothenhagen, Cliff Wallace, Virginie Ropars, Greg Haberny, Louis Fleischauer, Lily Mae Martin, Jaime Zollars,
JoKa, Krista Huot, Rudy Fig / Sierra Riggs, Corinne Reid, Mark Garro, Miss Mindy, Daniel Martin Diaz, Odö, Faith 47 + Dal, Ruben Ireland, Elena Rapa, Dast, Miso, Fernanda Veron, Tamara Ferioli, Tessa Farmer, Wolfgang Petrick, Bjorn Hardy Lloyd Eding, Scott Hove, Oleg Dou, Otto Bjornik, Nanami Cowdroy, Elio Varuna, Gabriella Barouch, John Casey, Lola, Yoskay Yamamoto, DNA Factory, Barnaby Barford, Sebastian Moegelin, Paul Bishop, JB, Yvonne van Acht, Ren Rong, Henning von Gierke, and many more!

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