"Les Enfants Terribles" Live painting report

Last Saturday i was at the opening of "Les enfants terribles" group show in Lyon. I was so pleased to be part of it!! I met a lot of artists, Caia Koopman, Reg Mombassa, Naoto Hattori and Nicolas Thomas, Jeff Soto. We made this painting together during all the day.
Size 2,5 meters per 1,5 meters, Acrylic on canvas.
We spent such a great time to do it!!
Thanks to the Conseil Regional Rhône Alpes, Spacejunk art centers and of course Jerome, Kevin, Alban and Seb who organised everything!!

A good report of the Show in Graffiti art magazine website!!

My Part
Caia Koopman
Naoto Hattori
Nicolas Thomas
Reg Mombassa
Live painting stand in "Les Enfants Terribles" group show in Lyon
Caia Koopman and Nico Thomas at work.
Caia Koopman at work
Nicolas Thomas, Caia Koopman and Reg Mombassa at work.

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