Sans titre

"Sans titre"

Ink and acrylic on cardboard. Size 30 cm x 30 cm.

All rights reserved. © Odö

If i don't post something before the end of 2010. I wish you a merry christmas and an happy new year. Thanks for your comment and you support!! See you in 2011 with new stuff!!
Cheers!! ;)


Girl in a cage

"Girl in a cage" Watercolor, Ball point pen, graphite pen, Chineses ink, color pencil on arches paper. Size 40 cm x 40 cm.

All rights reserved. © Odö


Christmas gift // Nest silkscreen

Hi everyone.
Christmas is coming quickly and some Nest silkscreens are already available on the Spacejunk art centers.
This is a 75 × 55 cm limited edition 30 silkscreens print numbered and signed ; one color on Arches paper with deckled edges.
Available HERE.


Expecting to fly

"Expecting to fly" is an other drawing with Ball point pen, graphite pen on a old archival paper 24cm x 32cm.


Choclo x Odö // Ispo Brandnew award

I make an artwork for the brand Choclo.
The original painting was sold out in a charity art auction last year. More there
Choclo Project is an ethical brand for balanced living, providing versatile clothing that can take you from the yoga matt or slackline to go check the waves or grab a coffee. As an ethical brand we help out the children we meet when we travel to our favorite destinations, donating 5% of sales to our partner orphanages. So far we have raised over 7000€. Check how it works at www.chocloproject.com

Please help us to win the ISPO Brand new award, just need 2 sec, no email confirmation are needed. So let it go!! http://www.ispo-brandnew.com/en/CompanyPortrait.aspx?ID=1735

Thanks to every one for the support!! I have got more and more visit on the blog, don't hesitate to write something when you like. Thanks every one!!



"INRI" is a ballpoint pen and graphite pen on archival paper. Size 24cm x 32cm.
It is a draw i made for myself.
I hope you like it!!


Venus charity & Post modern Art Auctions pictures // October 2010

Hi there!!
Some pictures from the auctions sales in Lyon in October.

Firstable the Venus charity auction. View all the wood painted sculptures and also more informations HERE. And more pictures in Spacejunk blog!!
Online catalogue there.

Secondly the "Post modern" art auction in Aguttes Lyon.
More pictures in Spacejunk blog!!


Melting pop #3 // Collective show Pau

Melting pop #3 est une exposition collective organisée par le collectif signature.
Ca se passe mercredi 10 novembre, et c'est aux Terasses Beaumont.
Avis aux Palois... Venez nombreux!!

Le programme plus en détails ICI


"Post-Moderne" art auction sale Aguttes Lyon

Thursday 28 i have 4 artworks for sale in Aguttes Auction room in Lyon.

With many other artist like Ahero, Steph Cop, Monsta, Nicolas Thomas, Caïa Koopman, Andy Howell, Carole Bielicki, Kevin Buy, Reg Mombassa, Doug Bartlett, Mizzo, Vinz, Nikodem, Lady Shove, Beekei, Topsi Turby, Navette, Plot, Mlle Territe and many other...


Last Publication // Interview Doski magazine & Ink Butter

For Russian readers i have a nive interview in Doski magazine issue 62!!

I have also a nice publication on Ink butter website "Ink culture expression life"!!

Thanks to us!!


"French girl" // FILA&CHANGEDESIGN x Odö

Hello everyone! French girl is a new drawing for the brand Fila in collaboration with Change design Italy.
This is a 24/32 cm ball point (red, blue and black) and graphite on archival paper.
I made also a tennis racket and a box.
With other really good artists Barcellona/Garcia/Iwantdesign


"Venus" Charity auction Catalogue

As part of the VENUS exhibition, Spacejunk organizes a charity auction to benefit two organizations working around the breast cancer: EUROPADONNA and Keep A Breast Europe.
The auction will take place Monday, Oct. 18 at the Hotel de Ville de Lyon at 6pm, the catalog of the artworks is available here.
If you wish to attend the auction click here.

Open publication - Free publishing - More spacejunk


"Melody in Furs" Venus group-show Spacejunk art centers

In emerging countries, 1 out of 9 women will be affected by breast cancer. It seemed obvious for us to set up a project about this cause, involving the arts, youth, femininity and health.

Inspired by the famous greek sculpture, the VENUS exhibition gathers sculptors from the great school of woodcarving Antony Kenar of Zakopane in Poland, and artists selected by Spacejunk from the world of tattooing, painting or of art glass.

The exhibition brings together 16 sculptures realized in pairs. These artworks reflects every single artistic point of view of the artists about femininity and the refusal of fatality.

The peak for this new exhibition will be happening in October during the month of breast cancer. All the sculptures will be auctioned at Lyon - France, to raise funds for the benefit of Europa Donna, the European coalition against breast cancer.

Artists participating : 100Taur / Nassim Aknouche / Carole Bielicki / Brusk / Mathias Bugo / Sophie Haza / Navette / Odö / Prunelle / STF - Moscato stephane / Nicolas Thomas / Xabier Xtrem / Zako

Exhibitions dates and places :
Spacejunk Bourg St Maurice : 
16/12/2010 - 23/01/2011
Spacejunk Grenoble : 
28/10/2010 - 11/12/2010
Spacejunk Lyon
 : 16/09/2010 - 23/10/2010
Spacejunk Bayonne : 
02/07/2010 - 31/07/2010

For this exhibition i made "Melody in Furs".
Acrylique, spraypaint, posca and pencil on a one meters high wood sculpture.


Collaboration Live painting "Diamond"

Sunday 26 September i made a big painting on Wood 2 meters per 2 meters with my friends Bizmut and Delwood curated by Spacejunk art centers.
Really great manifestation is "La fête de la Corniche" (ocean ledge) in the Basque country, front of the ocean. Over 40000 people was there walking around the ledge, lot of children and her family.
This painting talks about the Biodiversity of the ocean. Acrylique and posca on wood panel.