Inspired by the song of Glen Porter "5AM" i have made this canvase for the Stroke artfair.

Archival ink, acrylic on canvas.
Original size: 60cm x 60cm
Artworks made in 2011.

Artwork from the exhibition "Stroke music" Stroke art fair Munich Germany

All rights reserved. © Odö


"Nature capital" Lyon Live painting Plot, Bizmut and Odö

Last week i was in Lyon with Plot and Bizmut for a live painting on electric's smart.
The event was "Nature Capitale" it is about biodiversity, sustainable development... More here.
The event take place soon in Sao Polo, New York and Tokyo...
We was contacted by PWC (Audit company) and ATC (green print), we have 3 days to paint the Smart (Press communicate here) with acrylics and poscas.


"Sacred nest"

I made this new nest for the birthday of a very good friend. And maybe tattooed on him soon!!
20cm x 27cm Ballpoint pen on old archival paper.


Cell dvsn x Bender

New collaboration with the nice french brand apparel "Cell dvsn"!!

Find it on cell dvsn website or on differents stores in France...
Two color ways, Grey and White.
Hope you like it.


"Season of death"


Archival ink, acrylic on engraved picture.
Original : 14,5cm x 21,5cm
Framed : 26cm x 32 cm
Artworks made in 2009.

Artwork from the exhibition "Pimp my art" Mondo Pop gallery Rome
From May 14 to June 25 2011.

Contact & availability HERE.

All rights reserved. © Odö