"Blue bird"

"Blue Bird" 24cm x 32cm Watercolor, Ballpoint pen and graphite pen on Arches paper.

All rights reserved. © Odö


Next Show : "Universal Love" Mondo Pop International Art gallery Italy

Universal Love in all its ART forms

Group Show curated by David Vecchiato - Concept Alessandro Bentivegna

From January 29 to March 5, 2011 MondoPOP International Art Gallery talks about Universal Love. A group show that starring renowned artists of the Lowbrow and Pop Surrealist scene along with the new generation of movement, born in California from the roots of subcultures of the late 80sand unmistakable aesthetic arts.

Universal Love to celebrate the anniversary of Valentine's Day:
wooden hearts become original paintings by the artists involved, transparenthearts that contain unique, low cost but high quality miniartworks to be ironic about a funny commercial holiday, even if we don't want to admint it.

Universal Love as
the absolute feeling able to cross from the motherly one to the religious, from sexual to playful.

Forms and materials on which to experiment with an unprecedented exhibition of painted wood, plastic,
3D small artworks, side by side to a body of unmissing paintings.

World POP International Gallery scored another point celebrating the Universal Love with contributions from several Italian and international artists. Works, wooden hearts and heart shaped boxes custom plastic.

Artists: Adolie Day
, Alberto Corradi, Ale Giorgini
, Allegra Corbo
, Boris Hoppek, Cesko
, Ciou
, Dan Barry, David Diavù Vecchiato, Diamond
, Edward Robin Coronel
, Fidia
, GianFranco Leroy, 
Glenn Barr, 
Joe Ledbetter, 
Jim Avignon
, Jon Burgerman
, Marco About
, Marco Rea
, Massimo Giacon, 
Mr. Wany
, Naoshi, Nassiet Saldubehere 
aka Malojo, 
Nerea Pozo, Nicola Alessandrini
 & Valeria Colonnella, Odö, 
Ombrascura, Sergio Mora, 100Taur, Zelda Bomba, Zoe Lacchei


Orange Bird

"Orange Bird"
30cm x 30cm Watercolor, Ballpoint pen and graphite pen on Arches paper.

All rights reserved. © Odö


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